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Our mission is to share the nuts and bolts of selling a business with our listeners.

We’re constantly on the prowl for interesting stories from owners who have sold their businesses. We look for owners who have sold a business that was generating $1 million or more in revenue, who are willing to share their story candidly with our community. Forbes ranked Built to Sell Radio one of their top 10 podcasts for entrepreneurs and we have more than 800,000 downloads, so your story will get shared with a great community of like-minded owners.

The format of the show is to interview an entrepreneur who has sold a business in the last five years and ask them about what they learned going through the process of selling; e.g., things they did right, things they would like to do over again, things they wish they had known going into the process, etc.

Therefore, we interview business owners who have sold a business. We do not interview advisors (e.g., M&A professionals, consultants, coaches) or experts on selling a business; however, we do acknowledge any advisor who nominates a business owner by giving them a generous mention on air.

Each week John Warrillow interviews a business owner who has recently sold their company.

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