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We are on a mission to shift the balance of power in favor of small business owners as they approach their exit.

Our methodology for applying the Built to Sell approach is called The Value Builder System™, which is offered through a global network of certified coaches. If you’d like to incorporate The Value Builder System™ into your advisory practise, we offer training to become a Certified Value Builder™, which is the professional credential we provide our licensees.

If your goal is to become your client’s most trusted confidante, becoming a Certified Value Builder™ will elevate your conversations to a new level. Quite simply, there is nothing more strategic than the value of your client’s business, and increasingly owners are focusing on growing their company’s value, not just their sales.

According to our partner The Exit Planning Institute, 76% of owners plan to exit their business in the next ten years and many will turn to an advisor for help. But these days, just about anyone can become a business coach.
And a lot of people have.

Some, like the late Bill Campbell, who coached Steve Jobs and Larry Page, have become their client’s most trusted confidante. Others have no business advising anyone, which is why earning a business coaching credential and leveraging a proven methodology is the fastest way to differentiate yourself from the fly-by-night coach.

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76% of owners plan to exit their business in the next ten years and many will turn to an advisor for help

Today's most relevant coaching credential is called the Certified Value Builder™, where you learn to help your clients apply the Built to Sell philosophy to their business.

A Complete System for Leveraging the Built to Sell Methodology With Your Clients

Benefits of The Value Builder System™

Recurring Revenue

Request a FREE demo and learn more about the benefits of The Value Builder System™ and the Certified Value Builder™ designation

Professional Credentials

We offer the Certified Value Builder™ designation, which provides you with a professional designation you can display on your marketing materials and professional profile.

Value-Building Methodology & Tool Set

More than just diagnosing the factors dragging down your clients value, The Value Builder System™ gives you a systematic methodology powered by 12 unique tools for improving the value of your client's business.

Practice-Building Marketing Materials

As a Certified Value Builder™ you'll have access to a suite of marketing resources. You'll also have access to Practice Builder, our free one-on-one training program designed to kick start the growth of your value-building practice.

Market Research

Every quarter we publish The Sellabillity Tracker research, which reveals the liquidity in the private business markets and is the largest study of its kind in the world.

Request a FREE Demo and learn more about the benefits of The Value Builder System™ and the Certified Value Builder™ designation

What our Advisors Say

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Since we got The Value Builder System™  our revenue has more than doubled. The business has grown significantly, and The Value Builder System™ is a big part of that.

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Before The Value Builder System™ assessing clients took 2 weeks to a it  only takes 15 to 30 minutes.

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Pre Value Builder System we were sending 100% of our customers away.

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If you developed this process [with The Value Builder System™] you will become their most trusted advisor.

Certification Process

We’re an advisor-led company which means 100% of the business owners that leverage The Value Builder System™ do so by working with one of our advisors. We don’t compete with advisors; we partner with the best, and train you to use the system we’ve developed for coaching owners. The first step is to earn your Certified Value Builder™ designation. Once certified, you’ll have access to our entire tool suite for working with your clients.

Curious to learn more about becoming a Certified Value Builder™?

Watch this four minute video about the Certified Value Builder™ training experience.

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