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How Much Are Your Employees Worth To An Acquirer?

March 21, 2018 |  

About this episode


Impact LABS had no hard assets and little intellectual property, so why would ContextLabs want to acquire them for millions?

Chris Rezendes built Impact LABS to contribute to the next wave of digital technologies called the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows companies to connect any device with an on or off switch to the internet.

The IoT industry is hot, and companies in the space are desperate for employees with specialized expertise. Instead of the time-consuming process of recruiting people, many companies turn to an acqui-hire strategy where a company is bought largely for its people.

Not surprisingly, when Rezendes met IoT pioneer Dan Harple, the conversation quickly turned to how Harple’s company, ContextLabs, could acquire Impact LABS.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How your company would be valued in an acqui-hire
  • About impact investment funds, a growing source of capital
  • How to ensure your employees don’t get poached during the acqui-hire process
  • How to see your business through the eyes of an acquirer

One of the ways Rezendes set his company apart was by aligning their projects with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and proving the impact of their projects against those goals.

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About Our Guest

Rezendes founded INEX Advisors, IoT Impact LABS, and IoT Capital Partners. All three efforts were aimed at delivering pragmatic resilience experiences for individuals and enterprises contributing in natural resource management, infrastructure redevelopment, resilient communities, food security, and Industry 4.0. He is currently the Chief Business Officer at and Executive Staff at ContextLabs.

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