From Technological Obsolescence to a Multi-Million Dollar Exit

September 28, 2018 |  

About this episode


From a service no one wanted anymore to a growing business and a strategic buyer, find out how AMI was rebuilt to sell.

George Bandarian II took over AMI, his family’s microfilm business in 2000. Recognizing a need for change in an evolving marketplace, Bandarian restructured AMI’s services to become a digital transformation agency, helping corporations preserve paper records online and automate manual paper-based processes.

In 2017, with about $2 million in revenue, the timing was right for a sale. The M&A market was heating up, Bandarian had a new baby at home, and he felt a growing desire to find his passion and redirect his professional focus. But timing isn’t everything, and value doesn’t grow overnight. Find out how Bandarian transformed a nearly obsolete microfilming business into a company that was undeniably rebuilt to sell.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to ‘de-Georgify’ your business as you get ready to sell
  • Why a management team doesn’t have to come with a big price tag
  • How delighted clients can turn you into a world-class business
  • Deal heat and why it’s important when approaching potential buyers
  • The important role push and pull factors play in a happy exit

Bandarian focused AMI’s growth using a number of the 8 Key Drivers of Company Value, but incorporating Module 7—Hub & Spoke— of The Value Builder System™ meant that AMI’s future growth wasn’t dependent on Bandarian himself. As a result, he was able to negotiate an exit that didn’t include him staying on in the new company. To find out how dependent your business is on you, complete Module 1 for free right now.

About Our Guest

George Bandarian II lives his purpose of creating transformations and breakthroughs so people live happier, healthier, higher quality lives. He is a speaker, business and life coach and a Certified Value Builder™ advisor, helping business owners learn how to increase enterprise value and create successful business exits. He created Exit to Impact, a brand focused on helping entrepreneurs feeling burnt out, stuck, or handcuffed to sell their businesses for top dollar to achieve financial freedom and pursue their greater calling in life.