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The ADHD Entrepreneur

October 28, 2015 |  

About this episode


Mark Patey started Prodigy Engineering in 2010 to help companies leverage hybrid engine technology. Four short years later, Patey accepted a multi-million dollar offer to buy the company.

Prodigy Engineering is the latest in Patey’s pattern of starting businesses for the purposes of scaling them and then quickly flipping them. Patey has flipped six companies, and his approach could be considered the counterbalance to the prevailing view that businesses should be built to last a lifetime.

When you get to know Patey, his compacted timelines start to make sense. He – like so many successful entrepreneurs – suffers from ADHD, a blessing and at times a curse.  Patey credits his ADHD with much of his success at selling businesses.

About Our Guest

Born in Salem, Oregon, in 1972, Mark started life as a high-energy, curious child. In the fifth grade, Mark was diagnosed as having ADHD and put in a special education class with the mentally handicapped and school “trouble makers,” yet went on in life to build multiple successful companies, starting the first at the age of 15 and employing hundreds by the age of 21. Mark is currently an owner of BlueStep Technologies, Prodigy Engineering, Growth Climate Therapy Centers, Stym-Tech, and LockRight fasteners. Past achievements have included building several other successful businesses, both large and small. He was once the host of his own motorsports show on ESPN, and is consistently rated as one of the top presenters and trainers in the country.

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