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The One Question You Never Answer

November 11, 2015 |  

About this episode


In this episode of Built to Sell Radio you’re going to hear from Erik Huberman, who started Swag-of-the-month, a T-shirt business he quickly scaled from start-up to sale in 18 months.

Huberman considers the exit a success, but during negotiations there was one question the acquirer asked that Huberman wishes he had never answered.

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About Our Guest

Erik Huberman is founder and CEO of Hawke Media, a leading outsourced digital CMO agency for companies like Evite, Bally Total Fitness, Verizon Wireless, Eddie Bauer, Red Bull, and many other brands. Erik and his team provide complete sales, marketing, and e-commerce for their clients. As a serial entrepreneur and brand and marketing consultant for eight years, Erik previously founded, grew, and sold Swag of the Month, and grew’s sales to $1 million in four months. He frequently speaks at marketing events and recently filmed a television commercial airing on CNBC. Erik cultivates a positive environment at Hawke Media; all his team members reached their business goals in year one and are on track to do so in year two. Erik’s personal passions include the startup and technology worlds, travel, music, and fitness —Hawke Media’s team members participate in ongoing fitness competitions in the office.

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