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How to Build Your Company to Sell (Even if You Have No Plans To)

November 12, 2021 |  

About this episode


Kevin Waldron built Olympic Restoration, a disaster recovery business, to $24 million in annual sales before he decided to sell. Helping homeowners clean up from a fire or a flood was a good business, but after 17 years, Waldron was tired of fighting with insurance companies over claims.

Waldron quickly got an offer of around 4 times EBITDA from an industry contact and has never looked back. This episode is jam-packed with both life and business lessons including:

  • How to build your company to sell (even if you have no plans to).
  • How to know if you have a job or a business.
  • Why getting to 5 employees can be a game-changer.
  • The difference between a “customer” and a “client”.
  • The secret to working with your spouse.
  • The surprising downside of a financial windfall at 42.
  • Why you should avoid using your surname in your company name.
  • The biggest mistake Waldron made in selling his company.


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About Our Guest

Kevin Waldron is the founder of Waldron Leadership, a business coaching and consulting company that helps business owners get to that next level of performance. An experienced entrepreneur, Kevin started & grew a $24 million a year disaster restoration company with over 200 employees in 5 offices before selling his business to a national franchise. He is based in Novato, California and now works with business owners around the world to grow their results. In 2015, Kevin Waldron pioneered the Kilimanjaro project, a life leadership program that had him take a client to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.


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