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Identity Theft

March 2, 2016 |  

About this episode


Yvonne Tocquigny built her advertising agency up over 35 years working with clients like Jeep and Dell. Then in 2015, she got a call asking if she would consider selling. The problem was that her agency had become part of who she was.

Part of why Tocquigny feared selling was that her agency had become part of her identity, which is an issue we deal with when we help clients through The Envelope Test, module 12 in The Value Builder System. To get started, get your Value Builder Score now.

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About Our Guest

Yvonne Tocquigny launched her company, Tocquigny (TOH-KEY-KNEE), in 1980. From its inception, it has built a talented team of makers, thinkers and doers—all working within a company culture that complements the uniqueness of Austin. Tocquigny has been named a top agency by Adweek, B2B and Clutch, and Tocquigny herself has become a business trailblazer, a sought-after speaker, a respected writer and a mentor to many. In 2015, Archer Malmo, a leading brand communications agency based in Memphis, approached Tocquigny. Learning that Archer Malmo shared many of her business’ philosophies and values, and understanding that the combination of the two shops would better serve the agency’s clients, Tocquigny made the bold move to join forces.

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