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Playing Chicken

March 16, 2016 |  

About this episode


Jeff Hoffman sold his business to American Express in a nine-figure exit. After the Letter of Intent (LOI) was signed, American Express proposed paying part of the acquisition in an earn-out, and you’ll never guess what Hoffman did next.

During the interview, Hoffman shares the surprising question he uses in an interview to assess whether someone is going to be an A player on his team. Getting employees to care as much as you do is about engagement, which we tackle in module seven of The Value Builder System. The first step is getting your Value Builder Score. Get your Score now.

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About Our Guest

Jeff Hoffman’s accomplishments cover an astonishing range of fields; as well as being a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, internationally renowned motivational speaker and published author, Hoffman has produced concert tours, Hollywood films and a 2015 Grammy-winning jazz album, working with stars like Elton John, Britney Spears and NSYNC. Hoffman has been the founder of multiple startups and has served as a senior executive in many capacities, including being part of a number of well-known companies such as, CTI and ColorJar. He currently serves on the boards of companies on six continents.

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