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Selling Your Company vs. Selling Your Product

April 6, 2016 |  

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Natalie Susi got her product Bare Organic Mixers, low-cal cocktail mixers into over 300 bars and restaurants in southern California before she sold. To maximize her take, Susi had to decide whether she was selling her company or her product.

One of Susi’s biggest regrets was being a self-described “monogamous negotiator”. Instead of playing one buyer off against another, she decided to negotiate with a single buyer, a decision she would come to regret later. To ensure you do not fall into this trap, identify a short list of potential acquirers using the Short List Builder tool, module 11 in The Value Builder System. Get started free by getting your score now.

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About Our Guest

Natalie Susi is a teacher at heart, a writer by trade, and an entrepreneur by choice. A former English and composition teacher, when she was laid off from her dream job at San Diego State University in the CA budget cuts, Susi decided to explore the world of entrepreneurialism. She recognized a large gap in the marketplace for low-calorie, all-natural cocktails and founded Bare Organic Mixers to fill that gap.
While she was still teaching, Susi ran a side business selling Italian ice at farmers markets in San Diego. Soon after, she realized that her Italian ice could be used to make amazing all-natural, low-calorie frozen cocktails. Susi rebranded the product, originally named SoCal LowCal, as Bare Organic Mixers when she decided to move here business up to a national level and, in 2014, she sold out to a leading natural foods company.

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