Avoiding the key man discount

July 29, 2015 |  

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About this episode


The key man discount can take a zero off the value of your business. Find out why and how to avoid this trap when selling your business.

In this episode of Built To Sell Radio, you’ll hear an interview with Jeff Davis, who sold his business Legal Artworks back in October 2014. Learn how Jeff got to the point of only going into the office once a week, how he avoided the ‘key man discount,’ and why he didn’t sell his business to the highest bidder.

About Our Guest

By his 30s, serial entrepreneur Jeff Davis had already built multiple nationwide companies and was featured in Fortune Magazine, CNN.Money and by countless other news stories. In 2014 he successfully sold his medical-legal trial presentation company to a Bio Tech out of Michigan so he could dedicate his life to helping other entrepreneurs and CEOs grow their businesses by facilitating roundtable groups and other events designed to help entrepreneurs and CEOs be more successful.