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The Apple Acquisition

June 1, 2016 |  

About this episode


Carl Silbersky sold his software company to Apple in 2010 for a reported $29M. The negotiation was smooth but Steve Jobs would not budge on one point. Learn how one of the savviest deal-makers of our time approached his acquisition.

Silbersky intentionally positioned his company to be acquired by one of the big mobile phone manufacturers because he knew the strategic reasons they would want his business. We’ll work on your list of strategic acquirers and why they should buy your company in module 11 of The Value Builder System. Get started free by getting your Value Builder Score now.

About Our Guest

Carl Silbersky serves as an advisor for Dexplora AB. Silbersky was the founder and chief executive officer of SettleBox. He served as the managing director of Polar Rose AB since December 1, 2009, and currently serves as its chief executive officer. Prior to Polar Rose, Silbersky served as the managing director of the venture capital firm, Grey Herring. He served as a director of business development at Tactel AB, where he led the divestment to a private equity company in June 2009. Silbersky has been a member of the advisory board at Qubulus AB since February 16, 2011.

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