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The 50% Bump

June 6, 2016 |  

About this episode


When Mark Carlson put Minnesota Mailing Solutions on the block, he got two offers for about four times his pre tax profit – but Carlson wasn’t satisfied, and in this episode you’ll hear the tactic he used to get the acquirer to boost their offer by 50%.

Carlson’s guide in increasing the value of his business by 50% was Jim Kahrs, a Value Builder advisor on our team. If you’d like to see if a Certified Value Builder™ could help boost the value of your business, please complete this form.

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About Our Guest

As an account executive with Rauenhorst Recruiting, Mark Carlson capitalizes on his years of human resource experience linking people and work. He is also currently the principal at Tremendous Transformations, where he works with individuals to create balance in the areas of physical wellness, career, relationships and spirituality. Carlson is the former owner and president of Minnesota Mailing Solutions, an office automation equipment sales and service organization that he grew over a 10 year period and eventually sold to his largest competitor.

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