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The Surprising Truth About Who Will Buy Your Company

August 24, 2016 |  

About this episode


In 1999, Andrew Weinreich sold Six Degrees for $125 million. In the following years, he went on to sell three other companies including one to IBM and another to In this episode you will learn his secrets to exiting big.

In 1999, Andrew Weinreich sold Six Degrees, a social networking site based on the same idea that sparked the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook, for $125 million. In the following years, he went on to sell three other companies including one to IBM and another to

Most founders are lucky to have one successful exit, but Weinreich has already had four. In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The common denominator among all four of Weinreich’s exits.
  • Where to find the company with the highest probability of acquiring you.
  • How to hire an M&A professional for a “Dual Track” mandate.
  • The mistake most entrepreneurs make when they assemble a board.
  • The simple technique Weinreich used to let buyers know he was interested in being acquired (without sounding desperate).

We’ve now had 24,000 business owners leverage The Value Builder System™ to improve the value of their company. We have a 12-step process we take business owners through, and one of the most common misconceptions people have when they start our process is that they will sell their business to a stranger. That’s a misconception we work hard to erase because, in our experience, you’re much more likely to sell to someone you already know. Uncovering your Short List of potential acquirers is something we’ll do during Module 11 of The Value Builder System – get started for free by getting your Value Builder Score.

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About Our Guest

Andrew Weinreich is a serial entrepreneur, social networking pioneer, and active presence in NYC’s Silicon Alley for 2 decades. To date, he’s founded 7 startups and has been awarded 2 software patents. Recently, he has sold 2 businesses, including Xtify to IBM in October 2013, while advising 5 tech startups. He is currently the co-founder and Chairman of Indicative, a data analytics startup. He is also the founder of Andrew’s Roadmaps, the premier educational platform for startup founders.

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