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The Built To Sell Course

You may not be ready to sell your business, but imagine the sense of confidence you’ll feel to know you have a business you could sell when you’re ready. You get one shot to sell your business and this course will teach you the strategies to maximize its value before you go to market.

This online course is an interactive, video-based training program that teaches eight unique strategies for driving up the value of your company.

The Automatic Customer Course

Learn about the benefits of creating a subscription model in your business. By running through the 9 different subscription models, you’ll learn about the best way to turn your customers into subscribers.

This online course will also provide you with metrics to measure when to invest in your recurring revenue model and when not to. You will learn from real life examples of businesses that have transformed their industries with the power of recurring revenue.

The Art Of Selling Your Business Masterclass

This video Masterclass includes over seven hours of insights, exit strategies and negotiation hacks from some of the most successful entrepreneurs. You’ll hear the behind-the-scenes negotiation details of how each owner punched well above their weight when selling their company.

This includes how Jay Steinfeld positioned to be acquired by Home Depot, and the strategy Jeffrey Feldberg and Stephen Wells, co-founders of Embanet, used to take their business from an offer of 3 times EBITDA to 13 times.

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