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How Connor Tomkies Achieved an 8-Figure Exit with SupportNinja | Built to Sell News

This week on Built to Sell Radio, we feature Connor Tomkies, founder of Support Ninja, who shares his journey of successfully exiting his outsourcing company for $37 million. Support Ninja provides outsourced customer support services, including customer experience, social media management, and technical support.

In this episode, Tomkies shares insights and advice on:

  • Building a resilient company culture.
  • Utilizing global talent from countries like Colombia, the Philippines, and Romania.
  • Managing a partner breakup effectively.
  • Evaluating the benefits of a post-termination execution period for stock options.
  • Understanding the key metric private equity investors use to gauge success.
  • The concept of building in public while protecting critical information.


Discover the strategic moves that propelled Support Ninja to a successful $37 million exit.


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Quote of the Week
“There’s a sweet spot depending on your market and who the buyers are. At a certain point, you will find that you’ll get a better multiple whenever you’re north of $10 million as far as revenue.”

– Connor Tomkies


  •, a company that processes ACH and credit card payments, was acquired by CSG Systems International, a software-as-a-service company, for $17 million with additional earn-out amounts tied to performance goals. generated revenue of $9.5 million in 2023, indicating a revenue multiple of about 1.8x.


  • A portfolio of 5 skilled nursing facilities, including 498 licensed beds, was acquired by CareTrust REIT for approximately $81 million.   This transaction values the portfolio at approximately $162,650 per bed.

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