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Built to Sell Intel – July 2021

July 15, 2021 |  

About this episode


On this month’s episode of Built to Sell Intel, John will be sharing key insights from the latest group of entrepreneurs interviewed on Built to Sell Radio.

John recaps his favorite anecdotes in this monthly live broadcast, highlighting helpful strategies and transferable lessons.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz will be back in the pilot’s seat for our conversation on:
• Shawn Finder’s email marketing platform, AutoKlose, and why he had to negotiate so hard to meet in the middle of two very different valuations.
• How Dave & Carrie Kerpen grew one of the first social media agencies, Likeable Media, by productizing their service and naming everything.
• Eytan Wiener’s story behind Quantum Networks and how their three-pronged sales approach grew top-line revenue to $30 million.
• How to avoid the same situation Sebastian Johnston found himself in when talking with potential acquirers for fashion eCommerce app, TheAmazeApp.


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About Our Guest

Dr. Jeremy Weisz & John Warrillow discuss previous interviews with the following guests:

Shawn Finder –Finding the Middle Ground With an Acquirer

Dave & Carrie Kerpen – The Bait & Switch

Eytan Wiener – How to Turn a Distribution Company Into a Valuable Business

Sebastian Johnston – The Humble Yogi Sells His Business

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