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When It Makes Sense To Accept Equity Instead Of Cash

July 19, 2019 |  

About this episode


Matt Darby was burnt out and wanted to sell the business – even if it wasn’t for cash.

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Darby founded customer software consultancy Matched Pattern in 2017 but had become exhausted by the hamster wheel of constantly chasing new business to keep his consultants busy.

As a project-based consultancy, Darby’s exit options were limited so he decided to swap his equity in Matched Pattern for shares in Matched Pattern, a company with a desperate need for software engineers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When it makes sense to accept equity instead of cash
  • The hardest part of running a service business
  • The best tip Darby received before even starting his business

Matt Darby was tired of the grind. He knew he wanted to sell his business and was willing to be flexible with his options to get out as soon as possible. Consider selling before you burn out. See how ready you are personally to exit your business by getting your PREScore™ now.


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About Our Guest

Matt Darby has developed on the web for 20 years. He’s been a professor, a developer advocate and public speaker as well. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science and has helped lead the 500 members of the Columbus Ruby Brigade and Columbus Elixir user groups over the last several years. He’s launched projects for Fortune 100 companies to local engineering and consulting firms.

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