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April 30, 2021 |  

About this episode


This week on the show, we tried something a little different.  

Instead of interviewing an owner about their exit, we canvassed founders for their questions about building to sell and asked the host of Built to Sell Radio, John Warrillow, to answer them.  

In this episode, John draws on his experience interviewing more than 300 founders on Built to Sell Radio to answer five essential questions: 

  • (01:40) How should I structure my second-in-command’s compensation plan? – submitted by John K.
    • (02:37) Base Comp
    • (03:17) Short-Term Variable Comp
    • (3:30) Long-Term Variable Comp
  • (05:42) How do I let the market know I am interested in selling without looking desperate? – submitted by George in Dubai
    • (05:55) Get involved in your industry
    • (06:26) Get recognized through an awards program
    • (07:16) “The Magic ‘P’ Word”
    • (07:44) Stephanie Breedlove, built a payroll company for parents who have a nanny to pay
  • (09:56) What are the best questions to ask yourself to come up with the most complete and relevant list of potential strategic acquirers? – submitted by Thomas
    • (10:13) Most likely acquirers
    • (11:54) Look at private equity companies & strategic acquirers
    • (13:06) Look horizontally & vertically
    • (13:55) Houston Green Leaf
    • (14:47) Jay Steinfeld
  • (17:56) I’ve got a recurring revenue business with 3 to 5-year contracts and little competition. I pull out a substantial dividend each year. My company makes up most of my wealth, and I’m getting a little uneasy about the risk I’m taking on. I don’t want to sell, but I also want to be smart. Any advice? – submitted by Nick, London, UK
    • (19:28) consider some sort of majority recapitalization for the company
    • (21:56) look at your liquidity options for selling
    • (22:28) Ryan Moran
  • (24:28) Do you have any particular advice for the phase of growth where the transition from doing most of it myself to building a team while still running the business day today? How much responsibility should I give? How should I track it? When should I stay close, and when should I let the business run without me? I’d love some hands-on advice, please. – submitted by Sophie
    • (25:01) know the difference between a lagging indicator and a leading indicator
    • (26:13) “The ‘Yes-able’ Answer”
    • (28:45) Develop a 12 week cashflow forecast


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Featuring questions from:

John K.
George, in Dubai
Nick, in London, UK

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