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The Biggest Mistake Co-Founders Make, and 3 Other Lessons

October 22, 2021 |  

About this episode


With Built to Sell Radio, you’ve grown accustomed to hearing entrepreneur exit stories from A to Z, but this week’s episode is a little different. We tease out four transferrable lessons from the latest batch of guests.

This edition is filled with helpful tips and negotiation strategies, including:

  • How you can legally protect the value of your brand.
  • Avoiding the biggest mistake co-founders make when starting a business together.
  • How to leverage industry conferences when planning your exit.
  • Why evolving from a simple reseller and a value-added provider can increase the value of your company.


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Also written by Colin Morgan on Lessons From The Happiest Founders.

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About Our Guest

Dr. Jeremy Weisz & John Warrillow discuss previous interviews with the following guests:

Justin Adams – From Broke to Big Time Exit in Just 2 Years

Michael Kaplan – The Shotgun Breakup

Paul Farrell – From Zero to $1.2 Million ARR Exit In 2 Years

Mehul Sheth – Punching Above Your Weight When It’s Time to Sell

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