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Navigating the Sale of Your Family Business with Expert Tom Deans | Built to Sell News

This week on Built to Sell Radio, we cover the intricacies of exiting a family business with insights from Tom Deans, the second-generation owner of a family business and the author of the trilogy Every Family’s BusinessWilling Wisdom, and The Happy Inheritor. With over 2 million copies sold and recognition as a New York Times bestselling author, Tom’s expertise offers a roadmap for successfully selling a family-owned business.

In this week’s highlights, you’ll discover strategies to:

  • Prevent Bottlenecks: Ensure you can seamlessly transition leadership to the next generation.
  • Facilitate Family Buyouts: Enable your children to purchase the business without financial handouts.
  • Safeguard Employee Culture: Maintain the integrity of your team during the sale process.
  • Optimize Voting Share Agreements: Avoid future conflicts with strategic voting structures.
  • Maximize Business Value: Achieve top value for your business without offering family discounts.
  • Identify “Covert Narcissists”: Recognize and steer clear of family members who could disrupt your transition.
  • Establish a Family Bank: Create a financial structure that supports your family’s long-term wealth.

Tom’s actionable advice will equip you with the tools to exit your family business on top, ensuring a smooth and lucrative transition.


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Quote of the Week
“The next generation needs to buy their parents’ business. If your kids don’t want to risk their capital and buy it, then you need to sell it to private equity, a strategic buyer, whatever. And then in the fullness of time, transition that wealth to the next generation.”

– Tom Deans


  • Pro-ficiency Holdings, Inc. (Pro-ficiency), a company that provides online training programs for doctors and medical staff for clinical and commercial drug development, was acquired by Simulations Plus, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLP), a company that provides modeling and simulation software and services for pharmaceutical safety and efficacy, for approximately $100 million in cash. Pro-ficiency generated revenue of approximately $50 million in 2023, indicating a revenue multiple of about 2x.


  • Jacob Bros Construction, a civil infrastructure contractor based in British Columbia, will be acquired by Bird Construction Inc. (Bird), a Canadian construction company, for $135 million. Jacob Bros specializes in infrastructure projects such as airports, seaports, rail, bridges, energy projects, and utilities, and is expected to generate approximately $300 million in revenue and $37 million in Adjusted EBITDA in 2024, reflecting a purchase multiple of about 3.7x projected full-year 2024 Adjusted EBITDA.

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