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Turning the Tables on John

August 13, 2021 |  

About this episode


By now, you’re accustomed to hearing John Warrillow ask the tough questions.

Every month, we turn the tables and grill John on his favorite anecdotes and transferrable lessons from the latest batch of guests on Built to Sell Radio. In this episode, Dr. Jeremy Weisz gets John to reflect on what stood out, any missed opportunities, and how each story imparts the Built to Sell Methodology.

Hear John and Jeremy’s insightful conversation on:
• How Jodie Cook sold her service business without an earn-out.
• The strategy Dr. Kristin Kahle used to move her multiple from 2 to 8X EBITDA.
• How Cary Moretti carved out the software application portion of his business, sold it, and retained his consulting company.
• A fateful phone call from a classmate’s parent led Nick Huber to build a seven-figure company.


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About Our Guest

Interviews featured in this episode:
Jodie Cook
Dr. Kristin Kahle
Cary Moretti
Nick Huber

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