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Whether you’re thinking of selling your marketing agency soon or in the distant future, increasing the value of your business now is critical. We’ve helped founders reduce ‘unforced errors’ and save millions of dollars – and we’re sharing all the tools, resources, and business secrets you need to create a self-managing marketing agency that you can sell with confidence.

From creating Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) to claiming your free copy of The Art of Selling Your Business, are you ready to maximize your success and exit on top?

Increase the value of your marketing agency

The best way to increase the value of your business is to remove yourself from it. Our actionable tips will allow you to create an agency that can successfully thrive without you. To find out how much your business currently relies on you, complete our free self-managing checklist.

Create Standard Operating Procedures

Implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a game-changer for increasing the value of your business. SOPs provide clear, step-by-step guides for tasks to ensure consistent quality and boost your team’s efficiency.

With SOPs in place, you’ll unlock the ability to grow your agency sustainably, onboard new talent faster, and free up more time for those all-important strategic decisions. Client satisfaction will soar as you deliver reliable results every time, while reducing the risk of errors and missed deadlines. Plus, when the time comes to sell, well-documented SOPs make your agency an attractive investment.

Jodie Cook sold her social media agency for 100% cash. The reason she didn’t succumb to an earnout? She had detailed SOPs, proving her business could thrive without her.

Use Video to Train Your Team

We’ve helped thousands of business owners use the power of video to document their SOPs. Using VidGuide, you can display your video instructions inside the software your team uses to run your business. Just plug in and play!

Integrates with common softwares, including…

Use video to avoid the painstaking process of creating written instructions. Try it today (no credit card required!)

Generate recurring revenue streams

Recurring revenue streams massively boost the value of your marketing agency. Set up ongoing income sources from clients who pay regularly (like monthly retainers or subscription services). This consistent income shows stability and predictability, making your agency much more attractive to potential buyers.

Focus On Retainer Work

Ensure your sales and marketing teams are focused on selling retainer work (like social media management, email marketing, or Pay Per Click ads). Don’t put too much effort into selling one-off projects. Update your contracts to outline clear terms and benefits. Include regular performance reports that demonstrate their Return On Investment (ROI), so your clients see the continued value you provide on retainer. As your recurring revenue grows, your agency becomes more resilient and valuable – setting you up for success when it’s time to sell.

Protect Your Unique Intellectual Property

Take a proactive approach and safeguard your marketing agency by protecting your intellectual property. This includes any unique branding, designs, strategy documents, and original content you’ve created. Use clear contracts with well-drafted clauses, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and trademarks/copyrights for your marketing materials to secure ownership. This shields your competitive edge and shows potential buyers your point of differentiation.

Outline Potential Growth Opportunities

Make sure you research growth trends. Look into the potential of expanding your marketing services internationally so you can show buyers the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Additional opportunities include building strong partnerships, regularly upselling to your existing clients, and establishing thought leadership in the industry to strengthen your brand. Demonstrate your agency’s growth potential, and you’ll keep buyers hooked.

Build A Diverse Client Base

To maximize your marketing agency’s value, you need a diversified client portfolio that doesn’t rely on just two or three ‘hero’ clients. You’ll want to show that you’ve got a great variety of sticky clients across various industries, sizes, and regions to reduce the risks associated with relying on a few major clients. This stability makes your agency a far more attractive investment to potential buyers.

Claim Your FREE Copy of The Art of Selling Your Business

This best-selling playbook teaches you how to punch above your weight in a negotiation to sell your business. Our unique approach has been developed from interviewing hundreds of successfully exited founders who play by a different set of rules. Discover these hard-earned insights, avoid costly mistakes and effortlessly navigate the sale of your marketing agency.

Prepare to sell your Marketing Agency

If you’re worried about getting taken advantage of by an experienced acquirer, you’re not alone. In fact, this is one of the most common fears among marketing agency owners. But we’re here to help you punch above your weight, reduce ‘unforced errors,’ and save you millions in your negotiation to sell your business.

Our insider tips will give you the confidence boost needed to hold your own, so you can get the valuation your business deserves.

How to value a Digital Marketing Agency

Before speaking to acquirers, you must know your agency’s true value. Don’t undersell yourself – evaluate your assets, client base and potential for growth to negotiate a fair place. But how do you work this out?

Well, valuing your marketing agency is complex and may involve various methods depending on factors such as revenue, profitability, assets, client base and industry trends. While there are a few standard methods, such as a multiple of EBITDA, none will be as useful as the Built to Sell valuation, calculated using proprietary metrics.

Start the Valuation Process

It’s time to cut through the noise and know your worth. You’ve built your agency from the ground up and the way you serve clients is unique. If the thought of selling brings a mix of hope and uncertainty, then let us remove the guesswork and give you hard facts. A clear path forward, with no fluff.

Plan your BATNA

Have you got a Plan B? Remember to map out your BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement). If your negotiation fails, what alternative plans do you have in place to protect your business? This is an important step that many forget.

Prepare for Due Diligence

An acquirer will conduct a detailed examination of your marketing agency, so it’s important to have all your financial information organized and ready. This helps you demonstrate transparency and professionalism while speeding up the process. Being thoroughly prepared can ease potential concerns from the acquirer’s perspective and lead to smoother, more productive negotiations. One way to prepare for due-diligence is to ensure your business can run without you. VidGuide lets you create a detailed video guidebook for your business, making it easier to show potential buyers that the business can run without you.

Create a Business Transition Plan

If you want to sell your company for a premium multiple, you’ll need to have a smooth transition plan in place to ease any of your potential buyer’s concerns. One way to prove to an acquirer that your business can thrive without you is to have detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). VidGuide showcases your business independence by gathering all your SOPs in one place.

Let’s Recap

  • Use video to create Standard Operating Procedures
  • Focus on recurring revenue streams and retainer work
  • Protect your unique intellectual property
  • Outline potential growth opportunities
  • Build a diverse client base
  • Claim your FREE copy of The Art of Selling Your Business
  • Learn the art of negotiating the sale of your business
  • Consult an expert advisor to determine your marketing agency’s valuation
  • Prepare for due diligence
  • Create a smooth business plan


Ready To Take The Next Step

There’s a lot of pressure, workload, and anxiety that comes with selling your marketing agency. It’s a big change. But with our agency valuation, books, courses, blogs, and podcasts for business owners, you’ll learn how to get as much value out of your business as possible. With these tools, when the time comes to sell you’ll have the confidence and skills you need to exit on top.

Listen & Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs Around The World

With over 2 million downloads and 400+ interviews of successfully exited founders, Built To Sell Radio, has helped countless founders avoid costly mistakes when selling their marketing agency.

In each episode, we interview an entrepreneur who has recently sold their business. We dive deep into how they built value within their company and successfully negotiated their exit. They openly share their successes and lessons learned so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Listen each week to discover insider secrets that will allow you to confidently tackle the most important financial transaction of your life.

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