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Eight Key Drivers of Company Value: Financial Performance

A financial acquirer sees buying a business as paying today for a stream of profits in the future, which is why companies are generally bought and sold using a multiple of earnings. But focusing on your multiple is a little bit like a hypertensive person focusing on his or her blood pressure report. To really understand the number and to move it up or down, you must understand the calculations.

What Is My Business Worth?

The 58 million dollar question… After years of toil or as your startup skyrockets up the growth curve, at some point you’re going to ask yourself what your business is actually worth.

When Should I Hire a Business Coach?

As a business owner, you probably got into business for yourself because you had an idea for a product or service you were passionate about. You launched your venture and made some mistakes along the way, but through grit and hard work, you turned your idea into a success. 

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